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发酵椰子油 Fermented Coconut Oil

发酵椰子油  Fermented Coconut Oil




  • 1.5公斤的椰子奶
  • 1.5公斤的椰子水
  • 3汤匙古方酵素。


  1. 将所有的成分加入玻璃瓶并搅拌均匀。让它发酵一天。经过一天的发酵它将分成几层。顶层是蛋白质凝乳,中层即是椰子油。底层的水,实际上是一个醋。
  2. 把顶部的蛋白质凝乳取出,将油层抽出,再用布过滤椰子油。

Fermented Coconut Oil

Ingredients :

  • 5 kgs of Coconut milk
  • 1. 5 kgs of coconut water
  • 3 tbs of Classic Enzyme.


  1. Place all the ingredient in the glass jar and stir well. Let it ferment for a day. After a day the fermentation will separate into few layers. The top layer is a protein curd, center layer is coconut oil.  The bottom layer water is actually a vinegar.
  2. The protein curd on the top must be removed and then the oil layer is either ladled off or siphoned, then filter with cloth.

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