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Dr. Ros 酵素按摩霜 Enzyme Massage Cream (50ml)

Dr. Ros 酵素按摩霜 (50ml)
Dr. Ros Enzyme Massage Cream (50ml)

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成份 采用综合水果酵素及传统草药。


  • 保护及妥善的呵护皮肤。
  • 日霜及晚霜 – 滋润肌肤,同时促进血液循环。
  • 舒缓干裂的脚跟,以疼痛。
  • 促进皮肤组织代谢激发更新周期,回复年轻肌肤。
  • 舒缓因剧烈行动或发炎引发的肌肉疼痛。


  1. 洗脸霜
    使用方: 将酵素膏涂在脸上然后清洗。
    : 让肌肤受到保护并且能对抗日常生活中所带来的压力与伤害
  2. 日霜、晚霜
    使用方: 早晚涂沫在脸上让它渗透肌肤。
    : 使干燥的肌肤保持滋润并且促进血液循环。* 油性皮肤,可预先喷上酵素护肤雾
  3. 滋润及护肤霜
    使用方: 洗澡后把酵素按摩霜涂抹在皮肤
    功能: 可保持皮肤稚嫩,光滑
    备注: 可使用在干裂的脚跟,以舒缓疼痛。可配合酵素护肤雾使用
  4. 按摩霜

  5. 经络美容及保健
    • 疏通筋结, 肿胀, 使血脉通畅,活络器官
    • 皮肤肌肉润泽, 健康有弹性
    • 瘦脸, 减少黑斑, 面疱
    • 减轻头部压力, 舒缓紧绷, 改善睡眠品质
    • 改善黑眼圈, 眼袋, 眼尾下垂, 视力退化问题
    • 改善晕眩、偏头痛、耳鸣及鼻子敏感问题



Ingredients Mix Fruit Enzymes and Traditional Herbs.

Feature :

  • Better protection and care for the skin.
  • Day and Night cream:
    – moisturizes skin while promoting blood circulation.
  • Soothe pain of dry cracked heels.
  • Renewal of the skin cells, skin is more delicate and smooth.
  • Relief and soothes muscle pain caused by intense movement or inflammation.

Usage :

  1. Face Wash
    Apply enzyme massage cream thoroughly on face, and then rinse it off
    Effect: Protecting the skin against stress and harm from daily activities
  2. Day and Night Cream
    Method: Apply enzyme massage cream on the face for day and night, let it penetrated into the skin
    Effect: Maintain moisture and promote blood circulation

    Note: For oily skin use enzyme spray before applying enzyme massage cream
  3. Moisturizer Cream
    Apply enzyme massage cream on the skin after bathing
    Effect: Keeps the skin tender and smooth
    Note: Can be apply together with Dr Ros Enzyme Spray. Can be used on a dry heel to relieve pain
  4. Massage Cream
    Method: Apply enzyme massage cream at the affected area then gently massages
    Effect:Relax muscles and soothe pain
  5. Meridian Health and Beauty
    Applied Enzyme Massage Cream together with meridian massage technique to keep the skin young and beauty and also achieve the following effect:
    • Relieve tendon system, swelling, improve blood circulation, reactive organ;
    • Maintain skin moisture, strong, healthy and resiliency;
    • Reduce black head and acne;
    • Reduce head pressure, relieve tension, improve sleep quality;
    • Reduce eye dark circle, eye bags, vision degradation;
    • Improve dizziness, migraine, headaches, tinnitus, nose sensitivity.

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