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臭臭香豆腐(酵素发酵)| Stinky Bean Curd (Enzyme Fermented)




  1. 古方酵素原液50ml
  2. 蕃薯叶50g(预先用一瓶盖环保酵素稀释后浸泡45分钟)
  3. 豆干500g (可采用有机豆干)


  1. 不透气塑胶瓶
  2. 喷雾罐(预先装入古方酵素)


  1. 在塑胶瓶底铺一或两层的蕃薯叶后,每一层都用古方酵素喷洒
  2. 然后把一层豆干放入瓶中的番薯叶上,同样用古方酵素喷洒
  3. 重复做法步骤1和2直到豆干铺完
  4. 把剩余的番薯叶铺满在豆干上,再把剩余的古方酵素倒入
  5. 把瓶子盖紧,切勿放入冰箱
  6. 发酵7至11天(视气候温度)


  1. 天气较热时只需发酵7日,相比天气较凉时发酵时间可延至11日
  2. 发酵臭豆腐时间似乎凭臭豆腐气味为准
  3. 建议使用酵素养油炸以增添风味
  4. 可配自制泡菜或酸菜及辣椒酱料食用,风味极佳


  1. 油炸臭豆腐时,选择户外进行为佳,入室内进行气味会残留一段时间,难以去除
  2. 倘若室内油炸后,气味残留,可尝试在室内空气中喷洒稀释的环保酵素

Stinky Bean Curd (Enzyme Fermented)


  1. Dr Ros Classic Enzyme 50ml
  2. Sweet potato leaves (pre-soak in diluted of 1 cap eco-enzyme with water solution for 45mins)
  3. Bean curd 500g (preferable: organic bean curd)


  1. Air-tight plastic container
  2. Small spray bottle (fill up with Dr Ros Classic Enzyme)


  1. Place 1 to 2 layers of sweet potato leaves at the base of the container, spray Dr Ros Classic Enzyme on each layer
  2. Place another layer of bean curd on top of the sweet potato leaves, then spray Dr Ros Classic Enzyme on the bean curd
  3. Repeat step 1 and 2 until all bean curd are used
  4. Cover the top of the bean curd with the remaining sweet potato leaves, then pour in the remaining Dr Ros Classic Enzyme
  5. Cover up the container with lid, do not place into refrigerator
  6. Ferment for 7 to 11 days (depending on the weather temperature)


  1. During warm weather, fermentation only require 7 days, while cold weather the duration of fermentation may extend to 11 days
  2. Fermentation of the stinky bean curd still depends on the smell of bean curd
  3. For better flavour use enzyme purified oil for deep fry
  4. Serve the enzyme fermented stinky bean curd with homemade Kimchi or sour kraut and chilli sauce for greater taste

Kind reminder:

  1. Preferred to deep fry the enzyme fermented stinky bean outdoor to avoid the stubborn smells remain in the living environment
  2. Spray diluted eco-enzyme in the household after deep fried indoor to eliminate odour

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