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风味天贝调味粉 | Savoury Tempeh Seasoning




  • 天贝 – 200克
  • 紫菜 – ½张
  • 海盐– 依据口味


  1. 将天贝切成条。
  2. 在180°C的预热烤箱中将切好的天贝烘烤20分钟,在中途翻转天贝以确保均匀烘干。另一种方法:用不粘锅以低火翻炒天贝,直到酥脆。 需不断翻转以避免烧焦。
  3. 将烤好的天贝放入搅拌机中,加入其余材料。
  4. 在暂动模式下,研磨所有配料,直所需的细幼。
  5. 用密闭容器存放,可冷藏一个月。


  1. 如果材料在研磨过程中太湿并开始结块,可摊开在烤盘上并用低于150°C的温度再次烘烤10分钟。
  2. 再放入搅拌机里再次研磨,直到达到所需的细幼为止。
  3. 根据口味研磨时,可以添加其他香料。
  4. 适用于豆腐,饭,蔬菜,汤和沙拉的调味粉。

Savoury Tempeh Seasoning


  • Tempeh – 200g
  • Sheet Nori – ½ sheet
  • Sea salt – according to taste


  1. Cut tempeh into strip.
  2. Bake the cut tempeh for 20mins in preheated oven at 180°C, flipping tempeh over midway to ensure even dehydrating.
    Alternative: dry-fry the tempeh with a non-stick pan over low heat until crispy. Flip constantly to prevent charring.
  3. Transfer baked tempeh to food processor, add in the remaining ingredients.
  4. With “Pulse” mode, grind all ingredients until the desire consistency.
  5. Store with airtight container, keep refrigerated for up to a month.


  1. If the mixture is too moist during grinding and starts to clump, spread on a baking tray and bake at lower than 150°C for further 10mins.
  2. Return to the food processor for further grinding until desired consistency.
  3. Other spices can be added when grinding according to taste.
  4. Use for tofu topping, rice, vegetable, soup and salads.

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