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酵素养糖 | Enzyme Sugar




  1. Dr Ros古方酵素
  2. 有机红糖



  1. 把红糖装满玻璃罐。
  2. 慢慢倒入古方酵素,直到盖过红糖。
  3. 用汤匙搅拌至红糖溶解,把罐子盖好。
  4. 一个月之后,酵素养糖即可食用。


  • 有一点很重要,养红糖的时候,心情要平静而愉悦,用这样心境做的任何食物,都是有能量的食物。
  • 一个月之后就可以享用了,当然时间越长越好。
  • 通过酵素养糖,红糖中丰富的矿物质变得更细小,人体更容易吸收!!!
  • 做甜点、茶饮、煮咖啡,只要是要用到糖的地方,就可使用酵素养红糖。也可以用酵素养红糖冲一杯水,口味极佳,非常顺滑。

Enzyme Sugar


  1. Dr Ros ClassicGraceful enzyme
  2. Organic brown sugar

Container: glass jar with lid


  1. Fill up the the jar with organic brown sugar.
  2. Slowly pour in Classic enzyme until covering the brown sugar.
  3. Stir with a spoon until the sugar fully dissolve, cover with the lid.
  4. Enzyme sugar will be ready to use after a month.


  • It’s important to remain peaceful and joyful when making enzyme sugar, any food made in such manner shall be full of energy.
  • Enzyme sugar is ready for consumption after a month, but keeping it the longer the better.
  • Through the enzyme fermenting sugar, minerals in brown sugar become smaller and easier for the body to absorb! ! !
  • Enzyme sugar can be use in any dessert, beverage or coffee when sweetness is required. You may also use enzyme sugar as syrup by adding water, it taste wonderful and smooth.

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