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什么是发酵食品?常吃发酵食品延年益寿! What is fermented food? Fermented foods for longevity!













In recent years, Japanese researchers have found out through long period of research and experiments on fermented foods that its true charm lies in its unique efficacy are comparable to medicines. Therefore, Japanese health care doctors suggest that modern people should be reminded to take a fermented food every day, as to maintain health and promote longevity.

Lower calorie after food fermentation

What is fermented food? It simply means adding microbes which are like a small processing machine that processes each cell of the food, adding some nutritious substances, removing some non-nutritive substances, and changing the taste and texture.

What are the benefits of fermentation? The enzyme secreted by the microorganism during fermentation can breakdown the cell wall and increase the utilization of nutrients. Protein in animal base foods such as meat and milk can decompose during fermentation therefore are easy to digested and absorbed. Microorganisms can also synthesize certain B vitamins, especially vitamin B12 which only microbes can “produce” but not animals and plants. Fermented foods generally have low fat content, because the energy of carbohydrates is consumed during fermentation, which is the ideal choice of health food for those who are on diet.

During the fermentation process, the microorganisms retain some of the active ingredients in the original food, such as polysaccharides, dietary fibre, bioflavonoids and other substances beneficial to the body, and can also decompose certain factors that are unfavourable to the human body, such as oligosaccharide in beans which is a cause of flatulence. Many metabolic bi-products are produced by microbial metabolism, most of which can regulate the biological functions of the body; also inhibit the production of harmful substances in the body.

Three types of food should eat more

The fermented foods we often eat now are mainly divided into grain fermented products, bean fermented products and dairy fermented products.

Grain products mainly include sweet sauce (TianMian sauce) and rice vinegar, which are rich in threonine and other ingredients that can prevent memory loss. In addition, the main components of vinegar are a variety of amino acids and minerals, which can lower blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol effectively.

Bean-based fermented products include bean paste, soy sauce and fermented bean curd and etc. Fermented soybeans are rich in antithrombotic components, which can effectively dissolve blood clots and other substances, preventing arteriosclerosis and lowering blood pressure. After the beans are fermented, they took part in the synthesis of vitamin K, which can strengthen the bones and prevent the occurrence of osteoporosis.

Yogurt and cheese contain lactic acid bacteria and other ingredients, which can inhibit the growth of harmful intestinal bacteria. They also contain active substances that inhibit the synthesis of cholesterol reductase in the body, stimulate the body’s immune system, and regulate the positive factors of the body, effectively preventing cancer. In addition, yogurt can effectively control the rise of blood pressure, prevent arteriosclerosis and protect the heart.

Tips: Generally, you choose to eat 1-2 kinds of fermented foods daily. However, it should be noted that the bean curd is high in salt, and people with high blood pressure and heart disease should control their consumption.

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