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淋巴系统排毒妙招 – 干刷 | Lymphatic System Detox -Dry Brush



清肠是主要关键所在。大肠若不能负起排毒的工作,肝脏就会接管, 大量的胆汁会随着毒素流入胃中,引起呕吐。大部分的青草都具有清肝、 清淋巴毒素的功能,难怪动物生病时,都喜欢吃草。

即使大肠能保持干净通畅,干刷皮肤也得花上几个月,才能彻底将淋 巴系统做个大扫除。我们每天若能干刷皮肤五分钟,连续几个月,身体健康状况会大大改善,这 相当于一天做三十分钟的激烈运动。干刷后可以马上洗澡。


  1. 选择刷子,刷子毛必须是以天然植物纤维做成的较好,把 子要长,绝不要用人工合成的塑料毛。刷子必须保持干燥,刷皮 肤专用的,就不要拿来洗澡。
  2. 干刷皮肤时,除了脸不刷以外,身体其余的部分至少要刷 一次。刷时像扫地一样,只朝一个方向刷。不可以来回刷,或是 转圈式的刷,力量要适中。干刷的方向如图所示,刷时以下腹为 准,上半身包括颈部与前胸是朝下刷,下半身也就是脚、大腿、 臀部要朝上刷;手臂虽然是上半身,但刷法与脚的方向一致,是 要往上刷;肩膀与背部不易触及,可以横着刷,较方便。
  3. 一天可以刷一至二次,每次大约刷五分钟。初刷的头几天, 天然刷子的毛较粗,刷在细皮嫩肉上会有刺痛之感,此乃正常现 象,只要不是过份用力,力量适中,皮肤会逐渐适应。
  4. 刷完后过一、二天,若是淋巴的毒素很多,废物会从粪便 排出。淋巴所排出的废物与大肠内所沉积的废物略有不同,前者 状如胶质,颜色从透明到深褐不等;后者的宿便是黏着的,颜色 如沥青般深黑。

干刷皮肤非常简单,且效果卓越,它不但能保持淋巴系统通畅,促进新陈代谢,还可清除皮 肤表面的死细胞,恢复皮肤原有的弹性,并增加血液循环。

The lymphatic system is similar to the large intestine. Some are newly produced mucus, and some will harden after a long period of time which adheres tightly to the lymphatic system, causing blockage and inflammation. If the large intestine is severely blocked, the waste discharged by the lymphatic system will accumulate back flow to the lymphatic system since there is nowhere to discharge it, and then disperse to other tissues of the body, resulting in disease.

Intestinal cleansing is the main key. If the large intestine cannot perform the job of detoxification, the liver will take over, and a large amount of bile will flow into the stomach with the toxins, causing vomiting. Most green grasses have the function of cleansing liver and lymphatic toxins, this is why  animals like to eat grass when they are sick.

Even if the large intestine can be kept clean and unobstructed, it will take several months of dry brushing to completely cleanse the lymphatic system. If we dry brushing our skin for five minutes a day for several months, our health will be greatly improved, which is equivalent to 30 minutes of intense exercise a day. You can take a shower immediately after dry brushing.

The method and steps of dry brushing the skin are as follows:

  1. When choosing a brush, the bristles must be made of natural plant fibers with a longer the handles. Never use synthetic plastic bristles. The brush must be kept dry, only be used for dry brushing and should not for bathing.
  2. For dry brushing the skin, the body except for the face should be brushed at least once. When brushing, it is like sweeping the floor, only brushing in one direction. Do not back and forth, or brush in a circle, with moderate strength. The direction of dry brushing is as shown in the figure. When brushing, the lower abdomen shall be the final point. The upper body including the neck and front chest shall be brushed downward, and the lower body, namely the feet, thighs and buttocks shall be brushed upward; The direction of the feet is the same, it is necessary to brush up; shoulders and back are not easy to reach, for convenience you can brush horizontally.
  3. Dry brushing can be done once or twice a day, for about five minutes each time. In the first few days of brushing, since the natural brush bristles are thick, it is normal to feel tingling sensation on the delicate skin. As long as the force is not excessive and the strength is moderate, the skin will gradually adapt.
  4. One or two days after dry brushing, if there are a lot of toxins in the lymph, waste will be excreted through the stool. The waste discharged from the lymph is slightly different from the waste deposited in the large intestine. The former is gelatinous, and the color ranges from transparent to dark brown; the latter is sticky, and the color is as darker.

Dry brushing the skin is very simple and has excellent effects. It not only keeps the lymphatic system unobstructed and promotes metabolism, but also removes dead cells on the skin surface, restores the original elasticity of the skin, and increases blood circulation.

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