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Dr. Ros 酵素万用滴 Enzyme Multi Drop (15ml)

Dr. Ros 酵素万用滴 (15ml)
Dr. Ros Enzyme Multi Drop (15ml)

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  • 食品级配方
  • 100% 天然
  • 不添加防腐剂及色素


  1. 眼睛 – 青光眼、白内障、干眼症、 老花眼、飞蚊症及红眼症等
  2. 耳朵 – 耳鸣、耳水不平衡、头部压力 (配合按摩耳朵周边)
  3. 鼻腔 – 鼻敏感、鼻阻塞及清除粘液物
  4. 口腔 – 溃烂及喉部发炎



特别使用方法 :
用法 :

功能 : 使用酵素万用滴滴眼有助于眼睛消炎,舒缓疼痛,同时把眼睛里的粘液排放出来。隔天醒来时,会发现眼旁会有眼垢(眼屎),这都是正常反应。
备注 : 用后眼睛涩涩或红代表眼睛与身体疲劳,所以尽量避免长时间使用电脑和手机。

2) 头部舒缓
用法 :将酵素万用滴酵素滴在左右眼各滴一滴,然后把眼睛闭上,向右左方向各转三圈,舒服后再把眼睛睁开。

3) 耳朵保健、洗耳朵
用法 :将2-3滴酵素万用滴滴进入耳朵,左耳滴后滴右耳。
(有关洗耳朵更多资讯,请点击以下下载 ) download pdf file icon功能 :改善耳呜、耳水不平衡及抗炎杀菌;  释放头部压力。

4) 鼻腔保健
用法 :滴几滴在左鼻孔,然后再滴右鼻孔。
(有关洗耳朵更多资讯,请点击以下下载 ) download pdf file icon

功能 :可帮助粘膜调节温度,保持正常功能,预防鼻敏感;疏通阻塞的鼻子,把多余的黏液排出来。

5) 口腔溃烂
用法 :把万用滴滴在溃烂处。
功能 :加快伤口愈合力

6) 青春痘、蚊子叮
用法 :滴1滴在患处。
功能 :可消炎。


IngredientsPurified Water and Mix Fruit Enzymes.

  • Food-grade formula,
  • 100% natural
  • No added preservatives and coloring.

Effects (Improve related symptoms):
(The following are overviews base on user’s experiences) 

  1. Eyes – glaucoma, cataract, dry eye,   presbyopia, floaters & red eye
  2. Ears – tinnitus, ear water imbalance, head   pressure (massage around the ear   region)
  3. Nose – nasal sensitivity & obstruction,   removal of mucus
  4. Mouth – ulcer and sore throat

Instruction :

As needed, apply a drop into each eye, nostril, ear and mouth.

Special Instruction :

1) Eye Care
Glaucoma, cataracts, dry eye, presbyopia, myopia, conjunctivitis (Pink Eye), orbital inflammation, floaters.

Instruction : Drop a drop into left & right eyes twice a day. Close the eyes and open again when feeling comfortable.

Effects : 

The Enzyme Multi-Drops helps to reduce inflammation, soothes pain, and discharges mucus from the eyes. It is normal reaction if you find sticky mucus on you eyelids when you wake next day

Notes :

  • After used, your eye may feel astringent and turning red, these are due to tiredness of the eyes and body.
  • Avoid using computer and mobile phone for long hours.

2) Head Relief
Instruction : Drop a drop into left & right eyes, close your eyes and turn right and left for three time, open your eye when you feel comfortable.

Effects : Headache at the temple regions can be due to tiredness of the eyes. The symptoms are more intense when working long hours in front of the computer screen or when you read for a long time. This will raises the pressure inside the eye.  In more detail the pressure will cause more serious in myopia, astigmatism, hyperopic, glaucoma and presbyopia.  So the simple way to release eye tiredness is let the eye rest. If our eyes are exposed to dust all the time, it may cause eye irritation or red eye.

3 ) Ear 
Instruction : Drop 2-3 drops into both ears.

Effects : 

  • People who widespread use of mobile phone will feel sensation of burning or warmth of the ear.  This sensation can be easy reduce by ear cleansing. It can also reduce the radiations towards the ear and brain.
  • Improve tinnitus, anti-inflammatory sterilization
  • Release head pressure.

4) Mouth
Instruction : Drop a drop into your mouth when there is ulcers

Effects :  ulcer healing.

5)  Acne & Mosquitoes Bite
Instruction : 1 drop in the affected area.

Effects : anti-inflammatory.

Dr. Ros Enzim Multi Drop (15ml)
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