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Ecozyme New Product Lauching

Ecozyme Household Cleaning Products. Ecozyme 家庭清洁用品

打造绿色健康家居、 从酵素清洁剂开始

• 采用植物原料,抗菌剂,酸碱平衡和生物可降解配方
• 环保,安全又省水
• 不含人造香精及色素
• 不含磷,氯, 对羟基苯甲酸酯类和硫酸盐
•  更安全,更环保 及 更有效 – 与绿色同行、与环保相约。

•  Made with plant-based ingredients, anti-bacterial agent, non-toxic,
•  pH balance & biodegradable formulaSafe for you and environment, less water consumption in cleaning.

•  no synthetic perfume and colorant.
•  Sulfate, PARABEN, chlorine and phosphate free

Price 价格 : West Malaysia 西马 RM71.00 (price include GST) /
                       East Malaysia 东马 RM78.45 (price include GST)
Ecozyme Promotion April 2016
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