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甘草与古方酵素重覆发酵 (Licorice root ( gan cao ) )



益氣補中,清熱解毒,袪痰止咳,长肌肉,泻火热,散表寒,去咽痛, 缓正气,养阴血,补脾胃。

古方酵素 – 1 瓶
甘草 – 30 – 50 公克 (随意)
蜜糖 – 1汤匙
恩典酵素 – 50ml

做法 :
1) 使用古方酵素制作重复发酵,让酵素添加更多植物营养素, 酵素,矿物质及等等
2) 用古方酵素来做重复发酵,建议用回古方酵素的瓶子
3) 把古方酵素倒出2格,如果材料多倒出4格,然后加甘草,再加入1汤匙蜜糖(加强发酵)和50毫升恩典酵素(让水分子变得更小)。
4) 再加回古方酵素到原本的水平,留一些空间让它发酵
5) 写上发酵日期、材料、功效和真言(如:我爱你, I Love You)
6) 重复发酵最少一个月或以上,越久越顺,越久越多精华!

1) 刚开始发酵必须每天开盖让酵素透气,看到胀气就开(注意:慢慢…开盖)
2) 有时有气,有时没有气,是正常的!
3) 有白膜,没有白膜也是正常的!
4) 酵素没有发出臭味就好
5) 所有重复发酵的材料都可以直接吃或煮

使用 方法:
2)在烹饪时也可以加入少许 (一至两天汤匙),可使食物更加美味。

Licorice root ( gan cao ) Enzyme 2nd fermentation

Licorice root ( gan cao )  Benefits:

• adrenocortical hormone function:
As early as 1946 gan cao extract showed the characteristics of mineralcorticoid. Glycyrrhiza is metabolically converted to glycyrrhetic acid (GA). GA, when incubated in-vitro with adrenal gland cells increases DHEA production.

• effects on digestive system:
a. anti ulcer
b. anti convulsion.
c. promotes secretion of insulin.
d. protects liver from toxin.

• anti inflammation

• anti allergy

• anti cancer:
Saponins stimulate the immune system and inhibit Epstein-Barr virus expression and possess in-vitro (in the test tube) anti-cancer activities. Epstein_Barr virus is associated in certain cancer development. Glycyrrhiza also contains quercetin that has anticancer effects. Glycyrrhiza lowers serum testosterone levels and correspondingly increases estrogen levels by inducing two enzymes called 17-ß-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase and aromatase thus inhibit prostate cancer cells.

• anti virus and bacteria:
a. anti HIV
b. anti amoeba and bacteria

• effect on blood vessels:
a. lower blood lipids. Both saponins and licoflavones are known to bind to cholesterol and bile acids and have surfactant properties.

Licorice root ( gan cao ) 甘草 Action:
Licorice root ( gan cao ) 甘 tonifies pi (spleen), enhances qi, clears heat, rids of toxins, expels phlegm and stops cough, stops pain, synergizes other herbs. Being used in spleen and stomach weakness, tired and lack of strength, palpitation and short of breath, cough with abundance of phlegm, stomach and solar plexus pain.

Classic enzyme -1 Bottle
Licorice root ( gan cao ) – 30 – 50 gram
Honey -1 tablespoon
Graceful Enzyme – 50ml

Method :
1) Use Classic Enzyme for 2nd or repeated fermentation enzyme production, it is to produce more phytonutrients, enzymes, vitamins, minerals and etc..
2) For 2nd fermentation it is recommended to use back Classic Enzyme bottle to do.
3) Pour out about 2 level of the Classic Enzyme, or if the ingredients are much than pour out 4 levels, then add in Licorice root ( gan cao ), 1 tablespoon of honey (strengthening fermentation) and 50 ml of Graceful Enzyme (let the water molecules become smaller).
4) added back to the original Classic Enzyme up to the original levels and leaving some space to let it ferment.
5 Written down the date, ingredients, and the effectiveness of the ingredients and mantra (such as: I Love You, I Love You)
6) Let it ferment at least one month or more, the longer the more smooth, the longer the more the essence!

Important Note :
1) At the beginning of the fermentation It will produce a lot of gas, so open the lid every day. (Note: opening the lid slowly …)
2) Sometimes it has gas, sometimes without gas, it is normal!
3) Sometime has mold and sometime without, it is normal!
4) Good fermentation will give good aroma like vinegar.
5) all fermented ingredients must be edible.

Usage :
1) Add in Half teaspoon into 250ml drinking water or one cap into 500 ml drinking water.
2) during cooking can also add a little (one to two days tablespoons), can make food more delicious.

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