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碱性水 Alkaline Water

碱性水 Alkaline Water碱性水


九层塔叶,薄,荷叶,香茅,桑叶,班兰叶, 古方酵素- 1汤匙


  1. 用两汤匙环保酵素对1公升水,把材料泡45分钟。
  2. 把2汤匙古方酵素放进水中煮,水煮沸之后才把泡好的其它材料加入水中再煮10分钟。

功能:平衡身体的酸碱值, 拥有12色彩

Alkaline Water

Ingredients :

Pandan Leaf, Lemon Grass , Peppermint Leaf, Mulberry Leaf , Basil Leaf,(At least 1 or 2 leaves)  with 2 tbs of Dr. Ros Classic Enzyme


  1. Add 2 tablespoon of Eco Enzyme into water and soak all the ingredients for 45 minute.
  2. Add 2 tablespoon of Dr. Ros ClassicEnzyme into water and bring it to boil. After boiled add all balance ingredient in and continue cook for 10 minutes.